At wits end

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Those are the issues where I have accepted my faith currently and decided to not waste too much time but life with sub-optimal compromises.


Missing EXT4 filesystem support

Does not support EXT4 filesystem – unless rooted. Did root my phone but switched back as I am a big fan of OTA updates directly from Google.

No native Encfs support

Supports Encfs only through third party apps.

Chrome OS

No Encfs support

Does not support Encryption (Encfs): see open issue in Chrome OS bug tracker

Workaround is to go through installing a supported GNU/Linux distribution via Crouton (quite the overkill solution) or use beta Linux integration (much less overhead but does not integrate into Chrome OS filesystem/file manager… also copying between the two systems was very slow on my system).

Will most likely replace my Chromebook with a comparable GNU/Linux based system once the old hardware breaks/does not perform well enough any more.